Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cooling Off on the Parkway

While my son's family was here this week, we spent a day exploring the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway in Northwestern North Carolina. It is a scenic drive through the mountains, with lots of scenic overlooks and hiking trails.

One of the stops in Doughton Park is Brinegar's cabin.  I had not been there in years.  It happened that the cabin was in the process of getting a new cedar shake roof.  They were actually cutting the shingles from a pile of cedar.

The drone came along for the ride, and my husband sent it off to explore the mountains at several stops along the way.  

We had a line of storms come over the mountains and have had some spectacular rains during our week up here.  But mostly it has been beautiful and delightfully cool.  Temperature forecast today:  79.  In Raleigh:  90.  Much better!

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