Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bible Art Journaling

Recently I have gone in a new direction with my art journaling.  I discovered that many people are journaling directly into their Bibles, either illustrating certain passages or writing journaling notes in the margins.  This project really helped me when we were in Florida for my husband's cancer treatment.  I could get a page done on the way to Sarasota while hubby drove.  (I always drove him home.)

I bought the ESV Double Column Journaling Bible at the Lifeway Christian book store.  There is whole section of these Bibles with wide margins that have light lines for writing.  Now that I have more experience, I wish I had purchased the ESV-Interleaved Bible which has an entire blank page on the right side of each Bible page.  Then I would not be covering up the text so much with my art.

In 2015 Rebekah R. Jones began a weekly Bible Art Journaling Challenge with a You Tube video lesson for each week.  She offers insight and ministry into the selected passage, as well as journaling advice on techniques and materials.  The challenges are still available in the archives of the website.  If you choose, you can publish your journaled pages on Facebook.

I decided to do the pages in order of the challenge.  It was amazing how each one seemed to be just what I needed for that day in my life.

Here are some of the pages I have done.


 I used watercolors on the more vibrant colored ones.  Prepping the thin Bible page with clear gesso is key to prevent wrinkles and bleed-through.  I did a few pages before we left home, but the ones I did in Florida were not prepped before-hand.  I used watercolor pencils, watercolor markers, and ink pens, mostly while riding in the car.

This is the one that I illustrated on the way to Sarasota on the day we found out that Charlie was in remission.  Our hope was well founded.

I hope that you like these and perhaps might try something similar if you are so inclined.  I will share the ones that I have done since coming back home in a future post.

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Anonymous said...

I think your art work is very beautiful but I'm really not sure about painting over God's word like this. Other people would be able to use these Bibles in the future. My husband and I are giving out used bibles, which is what prompts this question. But, I do see that this one is an ESV, so quite honestly, it's not that big of a deal, because ESVs and NIVs have been perversely edited by man. I hope people dont start painting over the words in the Authorized KJV bibles because those are the bibles that everyone needs to still be reading. Also, the Living Bible is a great bible to read in conjunction with the KJV if one just needs a little help.

Thankk you and God Bless! Tina Burris