Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Woeful Week for People and Pup

After a great weekend in the mountains, we ended up having to stay until Monday because my husband got the stomach bug.  We made it home Monday afternoon, and I got the same thing on Monday night.  Not fun, but we both are over it.

Also last weekend, we noticed our dog Kasey had a swelling under her left eye.  It was the size of a golf ball. 

Today I felt strong enough to take her to the vet.  It turns out that she has an abscessed molar.  Tomorrow morning she goes under anesthesia once again (3rd time in 8 weeks) to get two big molars extracted and the rest of her teeth cleaned.

My poor baby has had a rough couple of months!  They say she should feel like a puppy once the broken teeth are yanked and the infection is gone.

And we are supposed to move into the new cabin this weekend...and have a house full of company!  It will all get done.  We are blessed to be able to get this sweet dog fixed up and out of pain.

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