Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Future Sewing Room

This room in the unfinished basement of our new cabin will be my space some day.

They have put in lots of fluffy insulation.

I love the French doors.

There is a great view of the pond out the front windows.

I don't know when we will get around to finishing the basement,  but I sure am anxious to get my Longarm quilting machine in there!

Yesterday Charlie took my sister Katy and I for a Gator ride across the mountain.  It was beautiful!

Kasey and Daisy went with us.  I can't believe they wanted to get in that cold creek water when we got back down!

Kasey somehow hurt her foot yesterday and is limping.  Hope it perks up soon!

Looks like it is getting ready to snow again.  I think we will stay inside and watch the last two football games before the Super Bowl.

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Vicki W said...

That's going to be a dream sewing room!