Thursday, September 12, 2013

Making Progress

It is slow going, but the rooms in our new house are starting to come together and feel like home.  Our bedroom and closets are done.  I hung one of my watercolors over the bed yesterday.

We have sliding glass doors that open to a patio and the deck with the hot tub.  Oh, how we have enjoyed relaxing in it at the end of the day!  It is totally secluded from the street.

We have a very nice kitchen.  The sink is in a corner which has a stainless steel dish drying rack.  

There are sliding glass doors to the patio from the kitchen, dining room, and living room on the main level.

There is a pass-through from the kitchen to the dining room.  Through it you can see right through to the living room.

It has been fun to rediscover some of my art quilts and paintings that have been packed away.  This one is called Sunday Drive.  It is on the kitchen wall just to the right of the pass-through.  It represents my husband and me on our Gator, driving through the Christmas tree farm at the top of the mountain where we have our little place.  You can see our dog, Kasey, along with a deer and a wild turkey peeping out from the trees.

Our front yard is now paved with asphalt, as the driveway comes right up to the front stoop.  It is surrounded by raised beds of azaleas, backed by dogwoods and crepe myrtles.  I can't wait to see it in the springtime.  I set out a bench, a little table, and some planters in front of the azaleas.

There are lots of woods all around us.  

But the best part of the yard is looking down at the pond.  There is quite a steep hill that leads down to the pond.  From our balcony, or back deck, you can view the pond through the treetops.

The leaves are starting to turn autumn colors, especially the dogwoods.

I started working on the sewing room today, but it is very frustrating.  There is too much furniture in there, and I have neither the strength to move it nor anyplace to store it.  I had lots of shelving and cubbies before, and they are taking all the space in the room.  I don't really need them because there is a walk-in closet with shelves, and a built-in wall of cabinets and shelves.  But I know I will need them when we build our mountain cabin and I have more space.

Speaking of which, we are going to South Carolina tomorrow to sign a contract to get our cabin built!  We have selected the builder, contractor, and floor plan.  Lots going on!

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Cathie said...

Hi Jeanne!
What an absolutely love home you have. Crabtree area is such a nice area. We are buying Sabrina a town home over there in the spring. Looks like you have a nice view and are still a bit secluded. Your bedroom is beautiful - so clean and fresh and that beautiful blue and white quilt is perfect, adorned overhead by your watercolor painting. And what can I say about that picture of you, Charlie and pup. So special.
And now... you are building another cabin? You sure are busy. So happy that you are enjoying life to the fullest. It sounds wonderful!!