Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flower Challenge Progress

I decided to work on my flower challenge quilt yesterday.  In the last post, I had not yet joined my flower quarters together, but I had pieced a patchwork base for the stem section.

I got my flower sections together.  This was not that easy.  If I used the traditional quarter inch seams, I would lose part of each flower design.  Plus, some of these flower parts had so much fusible web that they were quite stiff.  I ended up putting a strip of fusible on the backs to join them, then using a decorative stitch on my machine to stitch them together.  I used red in the red/purple sections, and a neutral for the background.

After looking at it on my design wall, I rejected the beige patchwork base and opted for a plain beige background with a very muted rose design.  Then I started playing with different shapes for the stem and leaves.

Notice I did not go with the straight stem and symmetrical leaves found in traditional quilts!  I am wondering if the dark hand-dyed fabric is going to be too strong a color choice.  And maybe there are too many leaves.

I also tried making a sort of bud.  We are limited to the twelve-inch width and nineteen-inch length for the stem section.

I think it is too much.  The emphasis will be on the flowers.  And I know none of the other stems will be anything like this.  Nothing is sewn down yet on the stem section.  I will keep playing...these are not due until September.

Today is my birthday!  That's right, 29 again!  Last night we went to a famous restaurant in Raleigh, The Angus Barn.  If you ever fly into Raleigh-Durham Airport, you can see it as you approach the field.

Dave and Emily had a gift certificate for The Barn, which they contributed to the occasion.  They brought Baby Charlie in her fancy OshKosh overall dress.  We had a wonderful evening.

Today so far I have done nothing but play on the computer and listen to Pandora radio.  I guess I'll get off the couch pretty soon and start doing something.  Or maybe not!

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Unknown said...

Happy birthday! I love your flower...The colors are really pretty. I know you will get it just right and then be happy. Sometimes we just have to play around with things for a while!