Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Loving Stitches Quilt Shop

Yesterday, I drove to Fayetteville, North Carolina, to take my Gammill sewing machine in to be serviced at Loving Stitches Quilt Shop.  It was a beautiful day for an easy drive.  Warren and Jake lifted the machine out of the back of Sweet Sue the Subaru, and parked it on a cart.  I listed all the things I wanted them to look at.  It might be ready as soon as tomorrow!

While I was there, I had to do a little browsing.  I promised myself I would not buy anything, since I am packing and getting ready to move.  But...I saw these little quilted baby shoes.

I had to get the pattern to make some for new granddaughter-to-be!
They have high-tops, ballet shoes, even cowboy boot patterns.
I love the way the fabric bolts are arranged at Loving Stitches.
And then there is this rainbow wall of batiks.
Walking into the restroom area, there is a painted flower and a quilt.
And on the bathroom wall is this quilt, hung diagonally.
Today the painters that I hired finished up.  The last job was to refinish the stairs and paint the spindles.  As soon as you enter my front door, the  wooden staircase is gleaming!  This picture was taken even before they were varnished.
On my way to Fayetteville, I left Kasey at the kennel to get a bath and a haircut (and get her out of the painters' hair!)  Maybe she won't shed so much with her much shorter hair-do!
Because the stain on the stairs was not dry last night, we went to Cary to spend the night with our son Dave and his wife Emily.  Their friend Charissa was also visiting overnight.  We had some ziti and wine and a soak in their hot tub.  What a nice way to end the day!
Now that the painters are done, we have to get ready for the carpet cleaners.  Lots of boxes to take to the pod, lots of furniture to clear off.  They won't move any furniture with electronics on it.  Got to put away the felting machine and sewing machine and lots of other gadgets.  But we are getting really close to being DONE!

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Katie said...

I'm exhausted just thinking about the work it takes to put a house on the market. We'll be doing that soon (our "other" house) and I'm not looking forward to it. Good luck to you!