Thursday, January 3, 2008

Art Quilting Pod-Cast

If you are like me, you get excited about every new product or technique that someone has used to make a beautiful art quilt. After I see a quilt that is gorgeous, watch a video, get a book, or see a magazine article, I purchase the product...and then it sits unused until motivation or need provides the impetus to actually use it. This seems somewhat wasteful, but it has served me well when the mood has struck! For example, after seeing Marilyn Badger make her Magical Ponchos on Simply Quilts episode 1110, I ordered the silk tops, Angelina, and water-soluble stabilizer immediately. Then about two years later, I got it all out and produced my beautiful fiber shawl when I needed it to wear to a wedding.

Another example of products I purchased after a Simply Quilts episode are Tsukineko inks, Fantastix markers, and stands. I was inspired by the talented Lura Schwarz Smith and her Faces in Fabric episode. I also ordered two sets of her DVD's. Well, I have yet to complete my portrait quilt, but I use these inks constantly for other projects, including:
  • painting quilt labels-those fabric markers dry out so fast, but these inks do not!
  • coloring quilted motifs, such as on Spring Greens Spring Greens with ribbon bindingand my other trapuntoed quilts
  • adding details to picture quilts, such as Change of SeasonChange of Season and Golden MemoriesGolden Memories
  • painting fabric
  • re-coloring faded quilts and decorative flags, such as the Fourth of July quilt
  • creating artsy backgrounds and images for fabric postcards

Anyway, the reason for today's post on this topic is that I just watched Linda Schmidt on Bonnie McCaffery's ladest Vid-Cast. Have you checked these out? They are short, free video segments featuring Bonnie interviewing various quilters. Linda is a fabulous quilt artist who uses many products to achieve life-like dimension and texture. She also teaches classes online at Quilt University. Take a look at this Vid-Cast and see if you aren't eager to sign up for one of Linda's classes, purchase some Puff Paints or Tinzel or Misty Fuse!

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